All of the advertising companies are storing cookies on the computer so that they can monitor the users online activities and web preferences to serve ads which are similar to their taste so that they can increase their effectiveness. This is also known as Behavioral Advertising.

There are several ways to opt-out of the behavioral advertising

  1. Google’s advertising companies have a website where you are able to see what they have stored about you already in their cookie(s). They are listed as categories and you can individually remove some or opt-out completely so that in the future they do not collect information about you and just serve you ads related to the search or website you are visiting (more random). Click here to visit the Google website where you can opt-out of their advertising companies.
  2. Network Advertising Initiative provides a big list of advertising companies who are keeping cookies for behavioral advertising and they offer a feature to opt-out of them all at once. In the list you can see which of advertising companies already have a cookie on your computer, but you will not be able to see details about the information they have about you, like Google does. Click here to visit the Network Advertising Initiative website.

Note: The opt-out in this text is related to the cookies kept on your computer and how the advertising companies are monitoring your online activities to serve you tailored ads. You will still see ads from these companies after you opt-out using the method described above.