Hello there!

If you happen to come to this site by clicking a link (most probably in an email) you or somebody you know might have been infected with malware! Please read further!

We were hacked a while ago and some malware was installed on our site which would allow people to click on a link that points to this site and then be redirected to a malicious site.

The problem is now fixed on our site, but whomever sent this email/link to you might need to secure their email/machine because it has been compromised. We cannot fix the rest because we do not have access to do that, but we now prevent others from going further.

Things to be do:

  1. Inform the person who sent you this email/link to change his/her passwords and security questions
  2. Scan their computers
  3. Scan your computer as well because you might have clicked another link

Even though you were not planing to visit our site, please browse around, you might find something that you like! :)

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p.s. if you need help with tips on how to protect your email/computer and/or help you scan, leave a comment and I will do the best to help.

p.p.s. if you clicked this link via the Redo ‘Em page, then you are not affected, this is used for the redirected URLs only! 🙂

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